Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda

Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda – Drug addiction is a serious problem that affects many people in the world. It can ruin your life, career, family and health. Many addicts struggle to find a way out of their addiction and often face discrimination and isolation. They need proper guidance and support to make their life addiction-free. If you are also the one who is struggling with addiction, and looking for the best place to seek help, then Lifeline Foundations Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda is the ideal destination for you.

Lifeline Foundations – Best Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda

Lifeline Foundations is known as the best Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda. We provide holistic and evidence-based treatment services to patients who are struggling with addiction. We understand that there are lots of challenges individuals will face when they deal with addiction. But don’t worry. Our team of professionals adhere to providing you with the highest quality care as well as support to help you on the path to recovery. So if you or your loved ones are struggling with the addiction then we would suggest you dial +91 727003333 and reach out to our Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda today. And take the first step towards a healthy life.

What kind of Treatment offering in our Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda?

Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda
  • Individual Treatment Plans – After joining our Rehabilitation Centre, individuals undergo comprehensive treatment plans which are conducted by our team of doctors and counsellors. Based on this assessment, an individual treatment plan is developed ensuring that each individual receives proper care.
  • Detoxification Program – Detoxification is a very important step in the addiction recovery process. However, at Lifeline Foundations, we provide a medically supervised detoxification program to help individuals can safely remove the toxic substance from their bodies.
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Program – At Lifeline Foundations, we offer both Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation programs to cater to the different requirements. Inpatient programs can provide a comfortable environment for the patient in the Centre. And outpatient programs allow the individual to receive treatment online at home.
  • Evidence-Based Therapy – Our Centre provides evidence-based therapy to address the root cause of the problem of the individual and promote long-lasting recovery. This Therapy may include CBT, Individual counselling, Group therapy, Family Therapy and more.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Many individuals who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction may also face mental health issues. Our Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda provides a specialized dual diagnosis Treatment to address the issue. This treatment ensures proper care as well as reduces the risk of relapse.
  • Aftercare Support – Recovery from drug addiction is an ongoing process. Even, it requires proper support after the completion of the treatment as well. At Lifeline Foundations, we provide aftercare support services to individuals. We help them transition back into society as well as maintain their sobriety.


In conclusion, our Rehabilitation Centre in Bathinda provides a comprehensive treatment program and support services to help individuals to overcome their addiction problems.

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